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FENICS and its industrial partners -FRENCH TECH

FENCIS is a capability response with a team to deploy and maintain an autonomous communication solution. It is the result of research and development work financed by European programs, carried out for the territories by the territories, based on French know-how and expertise.


For FENCIS, the operational staff knew how to surround themselves with industries in the field to create an industrial solution that could be marketed in the long term.

These partners have been involved and have invested in a project to safeguard the territories for almost three years now. This support made it possible to transform a concept into an operational reality.



The ORANGE group

If we know ORANGE with its historical telephone operator label. Today we have to see a large multinational with employees who remain driven by a fiber of public service and general interest. In any case, that's how we feel in FENCIS and have been since the beginning of this adventure. We have their technical and human support. We discovered a common DNA within the intervention units in the territories during operational support and at Orange Event during major sporting events such as the Tour de France.

For FENCIS, in a context where attacks on their infrastructure will have an impact on operational management, we have been able to create a strong link to prepare for exceptional situations. Beyond the technical partnership, there is also a story of men and women. As part of the National Convention between ORANGE and the firefighters, we find the ability to provide qualified personnel with a commitment as a volunteer firefighter. Whether during the domino exercise or during the first operational deployment in Gironde, FENICS has always been able to count on these essential technical resources. Finally, ORANGE is also a national and international player who knows and has been able to provide additional coverage equipment at the request of the team beyond any commercial response: This is a commitment to the public service mission.

FENICS also works with other economic actors who are just as essential to this project. As explained in this document, beyond commercial infrastructure networks, we must have autonomous solutions on frequency bands free of international rights.

During a Sourcing call in 2019, we were able to meet a certain number of manufacturers and enter into contracts with certain companies.



FENICS has adapted and developed additional modules for the infrastructure and access network part. Today in this first version, we have a toolbox to respond to different operational situations



With the company TRIODE

FENCIS worked on the part of the interconnection between the world of IP and that of traditional emergency services communication networks. This is an essential element to integrate into a local organization today. Currently, it is with this company that work is in progress on the energy autonomy of the equipment, in order to ensure its operational sustainability.


With the company CROSCALL

The only French player who today designs and tomorrow will manufacture its smartphones in France allows us to have terminals adapted to our missions. With their research and development center in France, we have always had an attentive ear on their part for the evolution of their product range.

image-20220517-140455-d2805c42 (2).jpeg


With the company Streamwide

Finally, it was necessary to have a MISSION CRITICAL SERVICE solution, to transform a simple smartphone into a next-generation operational communication tool. With the company STREAMWIDE, FENICS has a tool enabling actors to communicate both in walkie-talkie mode and to transmit messages in chat mode, integrating photos and video. Embedded on autonomous servers, its operation is guaranteed, including without an Internet connection.

The works

However, the work continues. Indeed, if today, FENICS has an operational version, the work of evolutions takes place, daily, in relation with our industrial partners, to maintain the solution on the standards of the market.

Finally, as underlined by the Director General of Civil Security and Crisis Management, Alain Thirion to European Commissioner Janez Lenarčič, FENICS offers a response carried out by operational personnel from the fire and rescue services in partnership with a constellation of companies French.

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