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February 28 - March 3, 2023 - Review of FENICS' participation in the EU MODEX CBRN LYON 2023

During 3 days, FENICS was deployed in the framework of a MODEX in the Rhône department.

This exercise gathered 3 European CBRN modules from Germany, Italy and Romania and one French module.

The scenario involved a violent storm that crossed the Rhône department and mainly the outskirts of Lyon.

The consequences had largely impacted the energy and telecom infrastructure networks as well as many SEVESO sites.

The response capabilities of local emergency Autorithy being insufficient due to the catastrophic situation and the extent of the damage, France has called upon the Civil Protection Mechanism of the European Union (UCPM). Within the framework of this activation, FENICS was engaged for a technical support mission to the mobilized modules because on the one hand on the majority of the zone the 4G communication networks are out of order and the modules cannot use their own means of communication from their country of origin. This could interfere with those of the French rescue and emergency services.

This new deployment opportunity allowed the implementation of a team of 22 people, including 5 for the coordination in the MPCU, 12 for the technical team for the implementation of the FENICS technical toolbox and 5 for the logistics allowing the implementation of the life base and the self-sufficiency of the module (Support of the MUSAR FRA-12 logistics team). Moreover, for this exercise, the French CBRN module was hosted in the FENICS life base.

FENICS' missions on this operation were:

  • Opening of 300 individual accounts on our Mission Critical Services Team on the Run (TOR) to provide capabilities

  • In the RDC, setting up a wifi with satellite backhaul, validating the accounts on (TOR) and discussing with the Team Leaders their needs in terms of channel requirements. FENICS has also ensured the interface with the local authorities (LEMA) for the regulation of frequencies at the borders

  • On the Base of Operation (BoO), implementation of a WIFI network with 500 concurrent accesses with first a satellite backhaul, then a terrestrial backhaul via the installation of a microwave beam to search for the network several kilometers away. Throughout the mission, a team was on standby 24 hours a day to supervise the systems and provide technical assistance to the modules.

  • On the intervention sites, a team of 3 to 5 people deployed a wifi bubble of 25 to 80 hectares with a satellite backhaul and an interconnection gateway with the LEMA communication means.

MODEX are a real opportunity to test our capacities in self-sufficiency configuration, but above all it was a unique opportunity to share and exchange on this new capacity that is FENICS with the other modules and LEMA, but also with the representatives of the DGECHO and the certifiers.

To make known FENICS is essential to allow tomorrow to ensure the communications of the modules of the MPCU "in any place, any time, any circumstance".

Thank you to the organizers, APELL, DGSCGC, DGECHO and SDMIS for the confidence and support they have given us in creating this FIRST FENICS capability.


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